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Long Absence

I hope this note finds all of you doing great. Or if not, there is always another day to begin anew.

I've been gone so long from this blog and I need to explain what happened. Only a few close friends know the circumstances. But since you read my blog, I must respectfully explain the absence.

I am a Type A Personality. One of the traits is being highly competitive. Now that's not all bad, it can actually be a good trait to have. But, on the downside, it can be detrimental. I have always done my best to keep myself in shape. (Except for the three to four years I became a "true Southerner" by eating too much fried this and that, but we won't talk about that.) So since I became a vegan, I reestablished my workout routine. But the routine was based on fear of the medical diagnosis I received in February 2018 when the good doctor told me I was PRE-DIABETIC.

So, I did what any good Type A personality would do, I went overboard with the work outs. I was toned, thinner and feeling good. But it still wasn't enough because I wanted more definition in my arms so I upped the weights. I would also spend up to 2.5 - 3 hours in the gym almost on a daily basis. This toothpick felt like hercules! I was addicted to working out.

Well, here comes December. I started feeling slight pain in my upper right arm so I slowed down the workout, but didn't stop completely. That didn't happen until January when the pain became too much. I knew I did something to a muscle so I stopped working out completely and gave my shoulder a rest. I figured it would eventually heal and I'd just take it easy with that arm. Well, come February, the pain in the upper arm would flare up so much that I would place it in a sling we had at home, immobilizing it which made it feel better. That and a few ibuprofen and I was a-okay.

Or so I thought.

Then came mid March. I woke up one night, yelping in pain. My right arm ached and pulsated in pain. It felt as if perhaps I might have broken something but I wasn't quite sure. My amazing hubby tended to me the best as he could and from there, we were on a quest to find out what was happening from my doctor and orthopedic doctors. I could no longer move my arm past a certain point. It hurt immensely and my mobility with the right arm was severely incapacitated. My fingers tingled and the entire length of my arm was painfully aching...all the time! There were moments I felt like my arm fell off which was incredibly painful.

Finally, after appointments, tests galore, I was told I have Adhesive Capsulitus which in layman terms, "Frozen Shoulder".

Frozen Shoulder affects 200,000 people a year, most of them women, and most over the age of 40.

So, with that explanation, I hope its understood as to why I haven't been able to write, hence add anything to the blog.

I will be adding more soon as the tingling and numbness in my forearm and fingers have ceased. I am getting better but its not completely healed yet. The shoulder specialist told me that I will probably be like this for another 18 months. Ha ha! Great! But, with the exercises and with my running, proper diet which I have maintained for well over a year now, I will get better.

And, I'll be writing a lot more because I have to make up for lost time. (Oops, that's my Type A personality talking!) :-)

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