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The Ever Expanding Universe

A huge part of finding my way home is reconnecting with biological family members. In my heart, I never let go of the ones I met before I was taken. Their faces were fuzzy but their presence in my young life remained fresh.

Today, I connected with an Aunt. Based on her account, we never met because she was older and hadn't lived on the "rez" during the time I lived there in the early 1970s. I found her through Facebook. The social media site has taken some incredibly negative hits in the media for the past few years, but for me, someone like me, it's a god-send. I've been able to connect and re-connect with family members. Some who remembered me and have shared stories of my younger self and have filled in the gaping holes of my unfinished puzzle called my life.

I'm looking forward to establishing and maintaining a relationship with my Aunt. In the past few weeks, I've connected with cousins and nieces.

I have a whole life after the age of 5 to put together. And I don't know if my relatives recognize how much their conversations with me fully mean to me. Their words are healing and reconstructive. They are my Medicine.

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