The 60s Scoop was a Canadian government program implemented to enhance the lives of the First Nations children. The Social Services policy of going into First Nation communities and splitting up families by taking the children outside of their tribal communities created a ripple effect that continues today in the lives of those affected. Some children had positive childhoods, while many, like me, had lives that were splintered and twisted by the adults given charge over us.
I started this blog to educate and share my journey about what happened to me as a unwilling participant of the 60s/70s Scoop. In it, I hope my children will understand what happened to the dissolution of their biological family, as well as to reach out to others like me, who are still struggling to reclaim their past, themselves, their families and to hopefully, get a sense that they are not alone in this journey.


The Long Freeze

We're all dealing with COVID in some way. The latest I heard was any form of normalcy won't happen until the winter of 2021. Depending on...



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